Friday, 31 January 2014

Bright Future - Men's Tailoring

So, whilst reading my weekly edition of Shortlist (yes I know it's a men's magazine, but they review films/music/fashion/booze & food! I almost enjoy it more than the weekly edition of 'Stylist'!), I came across their editorial 'Bright Future' - showing the influence of spring/summer colours on tailoring.

Some great coloured suits in this feature - I particularly love the light blue suit in the first image - but I'm not sure how wearable or accessible these garments are for the general public. I personally don't know any men who would wear these brightly coloured suits... no matter how much I told them they looked awesome in them! Two of suits featured are from Topshop, which makes them more affordable for the 'Average Joe', 

I think it would be great to see more coloured suits like this being worn, but I fear that, certainly in my extended group of friends, they're not for the faint hearted!

Have a look at the full feature & other articles in Shortlist 

Em x