Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Year, New Blog

My name's Emma, and I'm a fashion & costume designer from Watford. I love creating all sorts of clothing, costumes and accessories for both men & women.

Welcome to my blog!

After an incredibly busy year with lots of changes in my life, I realised all my creativity & inspiration seemed to have slowed to a dire pace; and any new & interesting projects were few & far between.  So with 2014 upon me, I have decided to take some action!

This blog is part of my new years resolution to step up my creativity and push myself to try out new designs, techniques, materials and whatever else comes to mind! I am hoping to achieve a minimum of one new creative project a month for 2014. So, on this blog I'll be posting about these new projects I undertake, from design, pattern cutting & sewing; as well as anything I find inspirational, or any hints/tips I think may be helpful to others.

It would be great to hear from anyone who is reading this blog - whether it's a question, any tips/techniques you think might help me or just to say hello! You can also view some of my previous work at

Hear's to a new year, with lots of creative fun!

Em x

One of my previous creations! A duchess satin cocktail dress with bow & lace detail.