Monday, 17 February 2014

BAFTAs 2014 - Best Costume Design

So last night was of course the 2014 BAFTA Awards, and despite the big categories of Best Film, Leading Actor/Actress etc, there's only one category that I ALWAYS look out for; and that is of course 'Best Costume Design'

So the nominees for this year's category were...
Catherine Martin - The Great Gatsby
Michael Wilkinson - American Hustle
Ellen Mirojnick - Behind the Candelabra
Michael O'Connor - The Invisible Woman
Daniel Orlandi - Saving Mr Banks

Now I admit that I haven't seen 'Behind the Candelabra' or 'The Invisible Woman', but for me there was only one obvious winner...


Catherine Martin won this year's BAFTA for her stunning costume design on 'The Great Gatsby'

Of course, it was Gatsby, it had to be!

The film is beautiful from start to finish, and not just the party scenes, which are of course stunning.
But the suits, and the daywear costumes are amazing too. The whole film is a feast for the eyes!

'Amercian Hustle' was fantastically costumed too, with such strong styling for each character running throughout the entire film. But who could really compete with the lavish details of the roaring twenties?!

To work on a film like that would be a costumier's dream come true!

Take a look at the links below for coverage on this years BAFTA's & The Great Gatsby. 
Who do you think should've won?!

Em x