Friday, 7 February 2014

Clothes on Film - The Italian Job

So, a quiet Friday night in leads to the inevitable browse of the internet. Luckily, through years of procrastination, boredom & time wasting (otherwise known as 'The University Years'!), I have a list of various websites & blogs to keep my interest up and stave off more important activities!

One of my favourites on this list (and it's a long one!) is 'Clothes on Film'.
This is a great site, looking to explore costumes and identity in film & tv. It covers a huge range of tv & films; from 'The Great Gatsby' to 'The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo' and everything in between. As a huge costume lover, I really enjoy reading the articles on here, and I think it really shows the thought process that goes into putting together costumes for film/tv.

So, the article thought caught my interest tonight covered the costumes Michael Caine wore in the 1969 cult film 'The Italian Job'

This is such an iconic film, and there are some great shots of it in this article. The article itself makes for a really good read, with some interesting details & insights. I even went on to read editor Chris Laverty's article on Mr Porter entitled 'Michael Caine. Style Icon'

So, indulge your inner (or outer!) costume geek and have a look!
Part one of 'The Italian Job' article is up now, look out for part two and have a browse round the site for some other great articles.

Happy reading!

Em x