Sunday, 23 February 2014

Jersey Dress

Finally, a Sunday to get my teeth into Project #2!
It's been a really productive day, and I've got quite a lot done considering I didn't sit down until 2:00 to start this!

I started by taken measurements of my Mum's favourite jersey dress to get an idea of size & shape, and then drafted the medium sized basic jersey blocks from 'Winifred Aldridge's Metric Pattern Cutting for Womenswear', i.e The Bible! Fashion students will tell you that Winifred's books are the bible, because as far as I know they are the standard books used in colleges & university's all over the country to teach students how to pattern cut. I'm sure there are many other amazing books that do the same job (perhaps some are better!) but this book is where I learnt from and I always refer back to it whenever I am pattern cutting. I've also added to my collection with the mens & children's wear pattern cutting books as well!

So once the blocks were finished it was onto making the actual pattern for my dress. This means, putting the specific style details such as seams, necklines, skirts, tucks, pleats etc onto the basic template (block) to get the pieces to the right shapes for my dress. As this is a pretty simple design, it didn't take long. The main task was slashing & spreading (opening out) the skirt to make it big enough to gather into the waist & then copying it off again. 

Also, in a bid to make myself more professional I have created my own design sheets to stick onto the envelopes I store my patterns in. This is something I've taken from my work, as you can see straight away the design of the garment, any items you need to make it, measurements and any other details. I'm sticking to 'flat' sketches for these (not on a body), so you can see the details more clearly. Hopefully, this will make it easier to find things instead of rummaging through my boxes of patterns trying to remember what the 'Brown Jacket' or 'Denim Shorts' actually look like!

The only thing left for today is to cut out the toile so it's ready for sewing tomorrow night. Then I can make any pattern changes before starting the actual dress on Wednesday. All in all a pretty productive day - fingers crossed it comes out alright!

Em x