Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mini Bloomers

Mini Bloomers!

Luckily my overflowing stash of fabrics and trims came in handy as I already had the peach satin left over from a dress commission a few years ago, and I also had enough cream ribbon & elastic.  

The pattern for the bloomers was actually free online from a blog I really like called Collette Patterns.

The pattern and instructions are really easy to follow, and although the I made them over two days the total cut out and make time was probably less than a day. The only thing I would say, would be that I might look at the shape of the short hem on the pattern, as it was hard to turn up the hem evenly all the way round - unless I was doing something incredibly stupid (possible, as I was very tired but determined to finish the bloomers late one night!) it might need reshaping slightly. Also the crotch seams are slightly off matching - very annoying as I only realised once the bloomers were finished! Grrrr! Pet hate of mine that I need to check my garments for when I'm sewing!

These bloomers are so cute and look great in the peach satin - reminds me of 1930's vintage nightwear.  I'm actually going to make a little swing cami to match so I have a cute night set to wear. 

And, yes even though these aren't my design & I'm not going to be selling them, I put one of my labels in to make them a little more professional!

Colette Patterns on Facebook

Em x

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Gentleman's Guide to Wearing a Suit

After working in a suit shop, I can tell you nothing looks worse on a man than an ill or badly fitting suit.
But nothing looks better than a well fitting one!

So this is a good start on the basics!

In the words of Barney Stinson...


Em x

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Jersey Dress

So, my lovely Mum is rather camera shy, so you'll have to make do with my mannequin!

But I'm very pleased to share my Project #2

Tribal Print Jersey Dress!

Tribal Print Jersey Dress
* Bound 'V' Neck
* Short Sleeves
* Shaped Waist Seam
* Gathered Skirt

I cannot tell you how happy I am with this!

The fabric was from eBay, and worked out at £5 p/metre which isn't too bad. It's definitely worth having a browse on there for fabrics, as there are some really interesting prints & designs. It's not ideal not being able to see/touch the fabric for quality before you buy, but  most sellers I viewed did do a swatch service. You've just got to get in there quick if there isn't much left! I have my eye on a superhero comic book print jersey! Perhaps something for a future project...!

 I matched the pattern as best I could through the skirt and the bodice; but due to the size of the repeat a complete colour match would have taken double the length of fabric with a lot of wastage. I decided to match the tribal shapes as opposed to colour, also making sure the diamond shapes sat central to the 'V' at the neck & waist

My best achievement on this is the bound neckline, as I don't have a binding machine as they use in industry I had to due this myself by stitching/pressing/turning/pressing/stitching the binding into place!
This worked really easily on my toile (garment mock up) but for some reason the tribal print jersey was a lot more 'springy' and wouldn't stay in place when I pressed it... so out came the tacking! Haven't done that in a while!

I also had to finish the hems off with a single row of stitching instead of coverstitching them as I don't have a coverstitcher! I looked... they're expensive... a girl can dream! 

(Coverstitching being the double row of stitches you see on garments made of stretch fabrics!)

Luckily my machine has a zigzag stitch so this should have enough give to not snap the threads. I've also now invested in a double needle for my sewing machine so will be trying that out on future jersey garments to achieve the same look.

I gathered the skirt by using a large running stitch and then pulling the thread by hand  until it gathered to the right waist size before overlocking it onto the bodice. I was originally going to do this by machine (there's a fancy setting on my overlocker!) but the gathers were too loose and I couldn't get the right measurements.

Apart from a few standard sewing mishaps, i.e spilling my box of pins (every time!) & the bobbin running out halfway through the hem (nearly every time!), everything went smoothly and the dress was put together in under 2 hours! Result! 

Let me know what you think or if you have any hints/tips for next time

My Mum loves it, so I have a happy customer & quite a lot of fabric left over!

Em x 

Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekend Reads

Just a quick one today as I'm on my way out and should actually be getting ready!

This week I finished Project #2 Jersey Dress, and I'm so pleased with the result, and luckily my Mum is too! Everything went together quickly & with no major disaters, something I was surprised about considering my lack of sewing over the past year or so! Maybe I've still got it! More on that in another post, as I still need to photograph the dress, a task for tomorrow perhaps...

But for now I have two interesting links for you're weekend internet browse!

First up, a link courtesy of Tiffany at FlikGeek; the BFI list of '10 Great Films About Fashion'. Some brilliant films on there I have seen (Funny Face, Clueless, Devil Wears Prada etc), and some I've never even heard of and need to watch!

The second link is a follow up to the Clothes on Film article about Michael Caine's costumes in the The Italian Job. If you've read the first part (you can find a link to the article here), how could you not read the second!?

Happy reading!

Em x