Sunday, 30 March 2014

Mini Bloomers

Mini Bloomers!

Luckily my overflowing stash of fabrics and trims came in handy as I already had the peach satin left over from a dress commission a few years ago, and I also had enough cream ribbon & elastic.  

The pattern for the bloomers was actually free online from a blog I really like called Collette Patterns.

The pattern and instructions are really easy to follow, and although the I made them over two days the total cut out and make time was probably less than a day. The only thing I would say, would be that I might look at the shape of the short hem on the pattern, as it was hard to turn up the hem evenly all the way round - unless I was doing something incredibly stupid (possible, as I was very tired but determined to finish the bloomers late one night!) it might need reshaping slightly. Also the crotch seams are slightly off matching - very annoying as I only realised once the bloomers were finished! Grrrr! Pet hate of mine that I need to check my garments for when I'm sewing!

These bloomers are so cute and look great in the peach satin - reminds me of 1930's vintage nightwear.  I'm actually going to make a little swing cami to match so I have a cute night set to wear. 

And, yes even though these aren't my design & I'm not going to be selling them, I put one of my labels in to make them a little more professional!

Colette Patterns on Facebook

Em x