Saturday, 1 March 2014

Weekend Reads

Just a quick one today as I'm on my way out and should actually be getting ready!

This week I finished Project #2 Jersey Dress, and I'm so pleased with the result, and luckily my Mum is too! Everything went together quickly & with no major disaters, something I was surprised about considering my lack of sewing over the past year or so! Maybe I've still got it! More on that in another post, as I still need to photograph the dress, a task for tomorrow perhaps...

But for now I have two interesting links for you're weekend internet browse!

First up, a link courtesy of Tiffany at FlikGeek; the BFI list of '10 Great Films About Fashion'. Some brilliant films on there I have seen (Funny Face, Clueless, Devil Wears Prada etc), and some I've never even heard of and need to watch!

The second link is a follow up to the Clothes on Film article about Michael Caine's costumes in the The Italian Job. If you've read the first part (you can find a link to the article here), how could you not read the second!?

Happy reading!

Em x