Sunday, 6 April 2014

UMAE 2014

So I had a pretty random Sunday and ended up at the 2014 United Makeup Artist Expo in London!

It was really fascinating wandering round and seeing people made up as Frankenstein, wounded soldiers, vampires and even a winged monkey from The Wizard of Oz! There was some impressive body painting going on as well as Asian makeup and also wig making & hairdressing. My other half, (The Ginge!), even volunteered to have a 'hair tattoo' done! Why not?!

We also attended a talk by Gustav Hoegen, who specialises in animatronic effects & prothesis makeup for film & tv. Hoegen has worked on titles such as Prometheus, Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Dr Who, The World's End. He showed us the below showreel and talked about the process he normally goes through when creating animatronics, as well as how he got into the business and answered a Q&A session.  Amazing stuff!

Even though I'm not a make-up artist (I don't think fancy dress face paint really counts!) it was such an interesting and inspiring day. It would be great to find something like this that was costume based. But, I would definitely be interested in going back next year. Perhaps even take some pictures this time, as my descriptions really won't be doing any of the things I saw there justice!

A must see for anyone with an interest in makeup & prothesis etc. 
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Em x