Sunday, 8 June 2014

Lace Godet Shorts

I am very behind in posting my projects up. They are here I promise! Time seems to have run away from me again, but I will try my hardest to get updated again soon! This project turned out to be a customising project, as opposed to starting something from scratch.

(Apologies now for some terrible photos at the end of the post!)

As most people, I love my jeans. My favourite one's were a pair of black skinny jeans from New Look, they fitted really well, were uber comfy and pretty cheap too. Massive win for me! 

Until, I put my phone down on my lap whilst on the commute to work, (why is it always during work time?!) to realise a large rip had appeared in my jeans across one leg, exposing far too much pasty white inner thigh to the entire train carriage, as well as all the people in the car park and those at Baker Street station. I can only apologise for blinding you temporarily with my white reflective skin! 

Despite a quick fix at work, my lovely jeans were beyond just fixing so they got the chop! I cut them into shorts, with both legs the length of the rip. But the shape of the jeans meant the shorts clung to my leg and looked more like cycling shorts than cute denim ones! So to make them wider I decided to use up some remnant fabric and insert triangular lace panels (godets) down the sides.

First up, was cutting up the side seams and making sure to sew over the seam where I wanted to split to end so the shorts didn't split all the way up to the waistband. The hem was left raw, but I ran a stitch 0.5cm in along the edge to make sure the fraying didn't get too out of control.

Once I'd decided how wide my godets were going to be I drew out my pattern and cut out the lace, keeping the scallop hem of the fabric so I didn't have to hem the panels - then under the machine they went!

(this picture is awful! sorry!)

Both sides were really quick and easy to sew in - you just have to be careful the other side doesn't tuck and get caught in otherwise you'll have a pleat where you don't want one! I decided to topstitch the seam allowances down so they weren't visible from the outside

Et Voila!

Lace Godet Shorts!

This was so easy to do and I'm pleased with how they came out.

Perhaps next time I would cut the split a little higher to give more volume. This time I cut to the pocket bags but I think a bit higher would have looked better!

A nice, easy little project that means I have something new to wear and didn't spend a penny!

Em x