Sunday, 9 November 2014

i-D: "A people's history of British style"

I know I seem to get a lot of links via my Facebook feed, but it's got to the point I've 'liked' so many creative and inspirational pages there are so many articles to read!

This one comes via i-D, looking at artist Nina Manandhar's online project What We Wore.

This quote for the What We Wore website sums the project up perfectly (obviously!)

"What We Wore is a project initiated by Nina Manandhar of ISYS ARCHIVE to create a people's style history of Britain from 1950 to the present day. It's about people and their personal sotries: why they wore what they did, and what it meant for them."

Now, I LOVE fashion & costume history!

The development of subcultures, the influence of music, film, art & politics on the clothes we wear and how we wear them. Fashion & clothing is something all of us are immersed in, even if you have no idea about it. Every single thing you buy nowadays comes from the giant fashion industry, it's just how each person wears the item that makes it part of them.

The fact that the photo's in this project have all been submitted from people's own personal collections is brilliant. I spent far too much time flicking through the pages!

Take a look at the project here:

Read the i-D article here: