Monday, 1 December 2014

Disney Days

So, it's December already. Can't believe it!
I had a pretty productive weekend doing lots of sewing, (update on that soon) but also feeling pretty run down & tired, with a cold hitting me today not feeling so hot!

Whenever I'm ill or am feeling down I revert to my 9 year-old self and stick on a Disney film. I don't know what it is about them, maybe just because they remind me of being a kid, but they always make me feel better. I recently got given a few Disney movies so I will be working my way through them whenever I need too!

A lunchtime pinterest browse (for something completely different!) came up with this beautiful Lady & The Tramp number.

It's so cute! 
Love the colour and the heart details.
It looks like a circle skirt, so would probably swish about all Disney princess-like when you wore it too! Haha.

There always seems to be Disney products around on the high street. Particulary at the moment with Frozen being such a massive hit. There's loads of stuff about especially in Primark who have the Frozen license on all sort of things including tees & sleepwear, as well as an awesome Disney Villians tshirt which I loved.

I've created a pinterest board for some cool Disney related items I found.
Take a look!

Em x