Thursday, 11 December 2014

Onto the next one!

Now my wedding tie project is out the way, I am already thinking about the next projects I'll be undertaking. I have so many things I want to design and make, some ideas have been in the pipeline for so long (years in some cases!) it's hard to imagine when I will ever get around to starting them. 
But my next project is actually a request from my lovely Mum, and I love making things for her!
I'll be stepping away from fashion and costume and taking a step towards interior design!

Oohh! How intriguing I hear you cry?!

Well, not really...

Basically, our conservatory furniture needs recovering!

The fabric is beginning to look old & tired, there are marks on some of the covers and most of the piping on the back of the sofa cover has been eaten by my ever hungry rabbit! 

(Yes, I have a rabbit... She lives indoors and her cute little face takes up far too many photos on my phone!
 But I digress...)

I've already made the patterns, the fabric has been bought, and the zips arrived yesterday so the only thing to do is get to it! This is the fabric - we ended up going for the darker blue colour.

Luckily, I have quite a long break for Christmas so hopefully I can get this done while I'm off work, but with Christmas being such a busy time who knows?!

Also in the pipeline are two projects, again for my Mum.

These Burda patterns were on sale from the website we ordered the zips for the sofa covers from, so Mum picked them up. 

2933 is a simple dress with short & long options. This will be great for summer!

7798 has a dress & two blouse options.
Again will be great for summer. But depending on fabric the tops could be worn all year through

I should have fabric I could use for these in my (ever growing) fabric stash in the loft. So, hopefully my Mum will see something that takes her fancy and she can have some lovely new handmade items for her wardrobe.

I do find it hard to make time to do these projects. I love to design, sew and pattern cut, I want to do it all day every day! But unfortunately, life gets in the way and projects get pushed to the side. My new years resolution this year was to undertake a new creative project each month and document it on this blog. And, well, I failed miserably! Hopefully the new year will bring about more opportunities for creativity, and I can make more time for all those little ideas that haven't quite made it to fruition yet. 

Em x