Monday, 15 December 2014

Polar Bears at Forever 21

In the grand scheme of shopping and shopaholics, I don't think I shop that much.

Don't get me wrong, I do my fair share. But I am by no means a shopping addict.
I tend to buy a few pieces here and there, nearly always on offer or in the sale, because as well as LOVING a bargain (!) I've found that working in the fashion industry and having a rough idea how much garments cost to produce, and how they are made makes it much harder to part with the cash!

That being said, the British high street has some great (and not so great!) stores with lovely products so sometimes I just can't resist! And I think I've found a new brand to start shopping at.


Although the name is familiar, I had never set foot into a Forever21 store until September this year when doing marketplace trend research for my job. I was very impressed with their range of products and cute styling. I think of them as part H&M, part New Look.

I ordered some really cute stuff from there and it arrived the other day.
I can't tell you what some of it was as they were Christmas presents! Sorry!

But I can tell you I absolutely LOVE my new jumper!

I bought this striped polar bear jumper.

Image: Forever21

The quality is actually pretty good, and it's lovely and warm. 

It's first outing was with black jeans and a white shirt underneath for work. Works well as smart casual. For it's second outing I paired it with black jeans (wardrobe staple!) and a long pink vest top showing underneath. I will definately be wearing this with everything! 

I don't have any outfit photos I'm afraid, maybe I'll start doing them whenever I have a new fashion buy like this... Hhmmm...

Going by my first purchase from Forever21 I would say it's definately worth going onto the website or into one or their stores to have a look at their products for yourself. Affordable, decent quality clothing I will definately look to purchase from again. 

Em x

Buy the polar bear jumper here:

Take a look at Forever21 here: