Saturday, 31 January 2015

Fashion Geekery - Making Couture

The Spring 2015 Couture collections have finally hit the runways, and as always there are some AMAZING garments. I haven't been through all of the collections, but what I have seen is some beautiful dreamy clothes I can only dream about being within 10ft of let alone ever owning one or making a piece!

But in amongst all the runway pictures, this 'Making of a Dior Couture Dress' caught my eye.

Having studied fashion at university & worked for high street fashion suppliers and made my own garments, I can tell you the amount of work that goes into your average high street garment is far greater than most people think of. A whole team of people work to get that one jacket/skirt/dress/trousers into that store; from designers to fabric agents, fabric mills, trim suppliers, buyers, merchandisers, testing houses, garment techs, fit models and not to forget those all important machinists who actually sew the garments, as well as the transport & shipping companies and all those assistants who do all the little jobs people can't get by without!

If I've forgotten anyone/thing then my apologies, but there are a lot of people & work involved in every aspect of fashion! 

This video blows my mind, partly due to geeking out seeing some of the patterns & sewing and partly because how amazing is that skirt?!

Couture garments showcase the highest level of craftsmanship and you can see why they are so expensive when you factor in the quality of the fabrics & trims as well as the time they take to make.

All in the name of fashion!


Happy watching!

Em x