Friday, 2 January 2015

Hello 2015!

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2015... wow!

Happy New Year & I hope you all had a great Christmas too.
I can't quite believe it's 2015!

So Christmas was very busy, as it is for everyone. Not much to report on the sewing side unfortunately - I just havent had the time! - but hopefully I will be getting going on the chair covers in the next few days. I just thought I'd let you know about a couple of items that have come into my life in the past few days!

First up is my only post-Christmas sale purchase so far. 
This gorgeous dressing gown from Boux Avenue.

I've never bought anything from this store before, so I was pleased to replace my very old (and probably quite skanky!) dressing gown with this lovel purple waffle robe, reduced in the sale from £48 to just £24! Bargain!

It's a mid calf length gown in a gorgeous purple colour with a nice thick tie with pom pom details. I love it! Honestly, it's so soft & snuggly I don't want to take it off!

I can't actually see it on the BA website, but this one is similar.

There's also this teddy robe - how cute!

At least now I can be nice a cosy on those cold post Christmas evenings!

The second item(s) I wanted to show you are these amazing fake nails by House of Holland for Elegant Touch. 

How great are they?! 
These are the Glitter Face Ache set which were a birthday present from one of my girlfriends this year, and I thought 'New Years Eve... why not?!'

Also excuse the mottled look of my skin, I did some henna on my hand for Christmas eve (again I thought 'Why not?!') and it's still fading!

Now I'm not normally a fake or even just long nails type of girl. For one, my nails have never been strong enough to grow that long. Also I've found my work & sports I partake in don't mix well long nails - it's a battle to type this with these nails on!

As much as I'm struggling to do anything with these nails on (to the point the Ginge had to do up my coat when we went out last night!) I love them! So fun and quirky! 
I was fully expecting to come home from New Years missing at least one if not all of the nails but they seem to be holding strong!

There are some brilliant designs available from House of Holland. These are some of my faves.

So there you are.
Some fabulous fun nails for those special occasions, and a fluffy dressing gown for the day after those special occasions!

Oh! And on a final note...

The Ginge spoilt me for Christmas and my dino-wishlist was forfilled!
I'm now the proud owner of the 'Roar' Dino necklace as mentioned in my post here!

Happy New Year!

Em x

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