Monday, 5 January 2015

Sale Steals!

At the weekend, I decided to brave the crowds and head into the town centre for a spot of sale shopping. Having been very spoilt at Christmas, I have a few gift cards to spend and who doesn't enjoy getting more for that gift card when everything is on sale!?

So here are my two sale buys from the weekend that I am very pleased with.

First up are these studded pumps from New Look
Bargain buy at only £6!

I fully admit to being a shoe lover. My first job being in a ladies shoe store probably fuelled this love! - but having donated four (FOUR!!) pairs of shoes to the charity shop this week how could I resist?!

I was umming & ahhhing between this pair and another for quite a while but these ones came out on top as they seemed like they would wear in and hopefully be less painful than the other ones!

The sole is quite chunky which keeps them casual, so they'll be perfect for the day time, but I'd definately still wear them for an evening out down the pub!
I also love the reflective gold detail at the back.

If they take your fancy click here!:

The next buy is my favourite buy from the day. 
So excited about this!

Ta Dahhhh!

This beautiful 'Ace of Hearts' bag is from Next and is in the sale for just £12!

The reason I'm so excited about buying this bag is I actually fell in love with it a few weeks before Christmas, but didn't buy it at the time in case someone took note of my heavy hinting and got it for me for Christmas! Unfortunately this wasn't the case so after Christmas the hunt for the bag was on!

I popped into Next on New Years Eve and was quite upset to not find bag either in the sale or on full price. I only went in on the off-chance this weekend to see if I could pick up anything for my friend's birthday, and there hidden behind a satchel bag, there it was!

I love it's quirky design, and although I can't fit aaaallllll of my bits & bobs that I would usually take out with me in it, it's bigger than other hard clutch bags I've had before, and the chain strap is an added bonus.

I can't actually find it on the Next website for you but they do have a couple of other nice, quirky bags  that I was surprised to see on their website!

This is a lovely subtle colour, a perfect way to add a little quirky-ness into your wardrobe without going too ott!

This is brilliant! Drumstick is such a bold, iconic design. 
I'd love to add this to my bag collection!

There you are, I am a very happy sale shopper right now!
Have you picked up any amazing sale buys?

Let me know :)

Em x

Visit Next's Website:

Visit New Look's Website: