Sunday, 8 February 2015

Sewing Treats

After a pretty, erm, heavy night out for one of my girlfriend's birthdays last night,  I have decided that tonight will consist of my bed, TV box sets and as much chocolate as I can possibly consume!

A rummage in my emergency chocolate stash revealed an uneaten (!) Christmas present in the shape of these sewing goodies!

**No, I have no idea how I still have any Xmas chocolates left over either!**

This cute little set has chocs in thread, scissors and thimble shapes - perfect for a sewing chocolate lover like myself!  

Although the tag says 'Love from Santa' I suspect the large Sainsburys logo at the back could be a clue to where these treats actually came from!

Looking forward to breaking into these and a box set of Mad Men tonight.

Who says sewing and chocolate don't go hand in hand?!

Em x