Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Surprises in the Post

I am really excited to be able to post about this now!

In the run up to Christmas I entered an advent calendar competition on one of my favourite blogs Retro Chick. Behind each door was a lovely vintage/retro prize (I wanted them all!) and I couldn't believe my luck when after Christmas turned out I had won a prize! I know everyone says they never win anything in competition... but I don't! Seriously! I can't think of the last time I entered a competition and won!

Anyway, my prize was a glitter cherry hair clip and a box of surprises from Rosie Alia Designs! Needless to say I was super excited to receive a box of goodies and the postman made my day by delivering them after a very stressful day a work

How cute is this box & handwritten note?!

Now onto the goodies! 

**Note: The box also contained a Cadburys Fudge bar but knowing my love for chocolate that obviously didn't last long at all!**

The Glitter Cherry Hair Clip
Oh man do I love glitter! To be honest I don't think I need to say anything more than that! Haha!

The Flapper Feather Headband
Pretty white feather and flowers sitting on a dark lace headband will go perfectly with my fringed flapper dress. I just need a party to go to!

The Poppy Hair Clip
Love the colour of this and the fact that it's quite big.  The flower is great colour match to a chunky knit jumper I have so while it's still jumper season I'm going to wear this as a brooch to match it. 

The Tropical Flower Hair Clip
This will be amazing for summer with it's pretty pink and yellow colours

And finally...

The Floral/Acorn Hair Clip
I love the little acorn details on this clip,  it'll look lovely with my chunky wooly scarf

I'm actually growing my hair at the moment due to lack of hair inspiration the past year or so! So this is the perfect opportunity to start experimenting with different styles and seeing what I can do with theses clips.

While the Glitter Cherry hair clip is lovely and the reason I entered the competition that day (who can resist a big of glitter?!) my favourites are tied between thepoppy clip and the tropical flower clip. They're just so cute!

So thank you very much to both Retro Chick for running the competition, and Rosie Alia Designs for your box of gorgeous goodies! Great competition and lovely prizes, I cannot wait to start wearing these!

Em x

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