Wednesday, 18 February 2015

"You're a wizard Harry!"

This is something I've been meaning to blog about for a while, but in January I took the Ginge to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. This was actually his Christmas present, but it meant we had a lovely day out to look forward to together.

Now the Ginge has never read any of the Harry Potter books, but I made sure he'd watched the films and whilst I enjoyed the films, I can't say they were high on my list of all time faves. But being a bit of a film geek I thought it would be a great attraction to visit and get a look at some behind the scenes secrets!

Image: Alex Tinder

Obviously I was on the look out for any costumes from the film and there are quite a few on display which was great. There is so much to see at the tour and I would definately recommend going, it's amazing to see how film-makers bought the magical world of Hogwarts alive. I was a complete tourist-geek and I did take a lot of photos! 

So this is the perfect time to say...


The rest of this post does contain some photos I took at the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Tour, so if you don't want to see any of them to keep the tour a mystery... then scroll no further!! 

I just wanted to share with you a few snaps of some of the costumes, but I can tell you there is far more to take in at the tour than what you will see here!


Costumes from the ball in The Goblet of Fire, including Emma Watson's Pink Ball Gown (she is tiny!) & Rupert Grint's rather fetching dress robes!

Blue Dress & Cape as worn by Clemence Posey as Fleur Delacour.
Really interesting to see the patterns used to make the costume. #costumenerd

Ahhh! Continuity photos!
I've actually done costume continuity before on a short film and you have to be so precise to remember who wore what & when during each scene.

Snape Costume - Worn by Alan Rickman
Love that one of the cats in the stole has caught a mouse! Great detail!

The famous invisibility cloak!

*Fun Fact* 
The cloak was lined in bright green cloth so the wearer could be made invisible in front of the green screen!  

One of my favourite facts of the tour...
The characer of Dolores Umbridge dressed in darker shades of pink as the films went on, signifying her increase in power!

So there you are, a little snapshot of costume geekery at the Harry Potter Tour in Leavesden, but don't worry I haven't shown you everything, there is so much more to see!
**Yes in Leavesden... I know the poster's say London but it's definately not in London!**

I would definately recommend it for any Potter fan, and even just film fans. I've heard they are increasing the tour to include the Hogwarts Express train & a recreation of Platform 9 3/4 which will be amazing to see. 

Anyone else been on the tour? What did you think?

Let me know :)

Em x

Buy tickets to the Harry Potter Tour here:

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