Thursday, 5 March 2015

Sunday Shopping

Going for a leisurely stroll around the shops on a Sunday has become a bit of a habit for me in the past few months. I like plugging my ipod in and wandering around the shops in my own little world,  thinking through various things and getting away from it all for a while. It's not great for my bank balance,  but I like to think it's good for my well being!

One Sunday - must be a few weeks ago now! - I felt like some company and took my mum for a nice lunch before hitting the shops.  I still have some gift vouchers leftover from Christmas and I'm pretty pleased with what I came back with. As I've mentioned before River Island is one of my favourite high street shops, and they didn't disappoint this time.  I managed to spend my gift card and come away with a lovely tshirt and some cute socks.

I admit to being a flamingo lover, it's somewhat of an ongoing theme between one of my besties and I to get each other flamingo themed gifts. To cut a long story short, we once went to an 18th birthday party* in flamingo costumes - bright pink feathers and all!

*I should mention it was an animal themed fancy dress party, we didn't just turn up covered in pink feathers! ...Though that would definately have been a talking point!*  

So obviously, I was immediately drawn to the flamingos on this t shirt. They are made out of tiny pink caviar beads, so one for the delicates wash I think! River Island do a good variety of printed tops and this is a nice subtle addition to my growing t shirt collection.

Anyone remember the dinosaur tee I got at River Island last time?! (Read about it here) 

You can get the flamingo tee here

There's always loads of flamingo products all over the high street during summer and we're just starting to see them coming through as we finally start heading into spring/summer. Here are a few I think are pretty cute.

My second purchase was these cute little pug socks. 
I have to say I've never been a sock person... random sentence I know! I've just always had your standard kind of socks, maybe with the occasional spot or strip thrown in! Very boring I know!
But there is such a variety of novelty socks available now it's an easy way to inject a bit of fun into your wardrobe. So the pugs came home with me!

You can get the pug socks here

I've found some other dog themed socks available online that are pretty cute.

So there are some of my latest buys, and I do confess to now being a novelty sock lover!
So I may be adding to the pugs some time soon!

Any great tees or socks you've come across recently? 

Em x