Saturday, 16 May 2015

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 3

So here we are again visit the Coletterie 'Wardrobe Architect' project.

This week is all about exploring shape, what shapes of garments you feel best in and what shapes you feel uncomfortable in. This week had a table to fill in, rating from 0-10 what styles you feel most comfortable in, thinking about ease, length, fullness and waistline. I was a bit in-between on some of the options, as the website says some time it really does depend how you're feeling at the time! I won't bore you with the specific ratings I gave in each box, but here's a summary below. 


I like my skirts to be somewhat loose and full. Think A-line of circle type skirts. Preferably mid thigh length to sit on my natural waistline. Very fitted, very short, very tight skirts are my nemises!


Again, I like my dresses to be semi fitted, usually in the bodice, with a mid thigh to knee length skirt.
Although we all know how much I love a high-low hem! haha! As with skirts I cannot bear short body con style dresses, I normally end up feeling pretty self conscious. However I do have one dress from River Island that seems to break this rule, it's a zip up black number with pu panelling... (it's nice I promise!) needless to say I only wear it when I'm feeling on top of the world! Trust me, any kind of food or alcohol tummy kills the overall look! 


This part I whizzed through as I always seem to buy the same kind of trousers. A standard straight leg jean with a normal waistline works best for me. I did buy my first pair of cropped patterned trousers last summer but I am normally weary of any kind of cropped or 3/4 length and I feel like it makes me look stumpy! On the other hand I LOVE SHORTS! There, I said it. I like my legs, and getting them out... to a certain extent. Fear not, no hot pants for me! But a lovely pair of mid thigh length shorts? I'm in them!

Tops & Blouses

I like my tops and blouses to be semi fitted and normally hip length. I do have quite a few loose fitting shirts but normally wear these un-done over a fitted strap top. Cropped or midriff bearing super fitted numbers just don't do it for me!

Jackets & Blazers

Again, semi-fitted jackets with a normal waistline are my faves. (I'm sensing a pattern here!). 
I do like to wear various length of jackets depending where I'm going and usually if it's raining or not!

Cardigans & Jumpers

I found I was pretty easy going when I came to cardigans & jumpers, I'll wear pretty much anything!
I'm not a fan of high necks or anything overly chunky but otherwise anything goes! 


Again, I'm pretty easy going when I comes to necklines. The only neckline I steer clear of is a turtleneck. Just... ick!


Anything from above elbow to spaghetti straps is good for me. I'm not a fan of long sleeves unless in a jumper or cardi. And with sleeveless/strapless, again it just depends!

It was a pretty quick exercise this week to get through and I found I already have a pretty good idea of what I feel most comfortable in, and what makes me really uncomfortable. I guess this just reinforced the way I feel about certain shapes which I can then keep in mind when I'm shopping for or creating new clothes.

Let me know if you're taking part in or have already done the 'Wardrobe Architect' project :)

Em x