Saturday, 30 May 2015

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 4

I seem to have missed this out for a week or so... but oh well!

This week's Wardrobe Architect is all about silhouette, and finding one that you are most comfortable in. I referred back to Week 3 (read it here) in which I spoke out the different lengths, fits and shapes that I rate in my clothes and those I feel uncomfortable wearing, and used those to pin down what kind of silhouette I like to wear.

So, thinking about all these things I like and dislike, I've put together a couple of boards with silhouettes I enjoy wearing. I used clothes of mine so I can really focus on what I can pull together from my wardrobe. I have four boards, x2 everyday and x2 going out based around skirts and trousers. I've kept any bags, jewellery or other accessories off the boards, and stuck to basic colours so not to distract from the silhouettes.

Board 1:
A-line or Skater Skirt. Fitted Top. Semi-fitted Cardi. Flat Shoes.

Board 2:
A-line or Skater Skirt. Fitted or Semi-fitted Top. Fitted Cardi. Mid/High Heels.

Board 3:
Straight or Skinny Trousers. Semi Fitted Top. Semi-fitted Cardi. Low Heel Boots.

Board 4:
Straight or Skinny Trousers. Semi Fitted Top. Loose Fit Shirt. Mid/High Heels.

I think these boards cover the silhouettes I wear pretty well. I have a small waist and good legs so these are things I can show off wearing silhouettes like these.

As always, I've added some images to my Pinterest board as 'For Silhouette' so have a nosy at them here.

Happy Weekend!

Em x