Friday, 1 May 2015

Movie Nights: The Grand Budapest Hotel

The other night I curled up on the sofa with the Ginge and finally watched The Grand Budapest Hotel. I mentioned earlier in the year that TGBH had been nominated for 'Best Costume' Oscar 2015 and after watching the film I can totally see why costume designer Milena Canonero came away with the award. 

The film is beautiful,  a typical Wes Anderson quirky world in a gorgeous mix of pastel and candy colours with bold tones thrown in as accents. I think you can definitely see Milena Canonero's style coming through in this picture,  it reminded me a lot of Marie Antoinette which which Canonero designed the costumes for in 2006 which also won her an Oscar.

"Working with Wes is always different because he takes me to different places and different characters and situations, but however different they may be, he creates a world of this own that is very specific to him," she says. "The more I work for him the more I see he is crystalizinf his cinematice style to go with it. One has to immerse oneself into it, his world, which at first seems so light, but has many layers"

- Milena Canonero, Vanity Fair

Reading about this film has been really interesting and a great insight into costume design and development in this film. I love that the colour palette developed from some purple face cloths Canonero found and how Wes Anderson didn't want the miliatry uniforms to be too period specific or historically accurate. The film's costumes even included collaberations with fashion powerhouses Fendi and Prada. It's the small design decisions that shape the look of the characters and the overall visual feeling of the film.

"One also is stimulated by looking not only at the real people of that time, but also at other images and literature that unrelated to the period and the setting of the story" she says. "The look of each actor has to have it's raison d'etre."

- Milena Canonero, Vanity Fair

There are some great articles by Clothes on Film , The LA Times & No Glitter No Glory if you want to read more about the design in TGBH. 

I've added also some more TGBH pins to my Oscar nominations board on Pinterest so take a look and let me know what you think!

I honestly really enjoyed the film & but it was not what I was expecting at all!
I can't really describe my feelings at the end of it...! The film as strange but thoroughly enjoyable! It's fun and quirky with a subtle dark edge  I would definately recommend giving it a watch.

Em x