Friday, 26 June 2015

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 7

So onto another post in the Coletterie Wardrobe Architect Project that I'm taking part in.

This week is Week 7, which is all about exploring solids and prints. The majority of clothing I used to wear was printed. But in the past few years that majority has shrunk in favour of richer colours and more interesting textures. I still have a fair few prints in my wardrobe so I guess it's more of an even half prints half solids now. I will normally wear one item of printed clothing as opposed to clashing or combining prints. 

I like a mixture of large and small prints, mainly depending on the item of clothing. So I would normally choose a smaller scale print for a top and a larger print for skirt or jacket. As we've discussed before (here and here) I like strong, rich colours so my eye is always caught by prints in these colours. I love tonal prints, but again they would normally be in stronger tones. I normally go for floral, tribal/aztec, abstract or cute conversational prints. I like geometric or tile prints but I'm not as drawn to them. Here are a few prints I have in my wardrobe that I love!

Dark Floral Print Skirt
I love the combination of the bright pinks with dark moody tones in this skirt

Tonal Tribal Print Shirt
Gorgeous turquoise, blue & purple colours

Neon Palm Print Capri Pants
How could I not get these workout trousers?! Funky neon print? SOLD!

Abstract Print Top
It was definately the print that pulled me into buying this top. I think they work so well together.

Digital Floral Print Jumper
I love the smokey grey tones & peach highlights of this jumper.

Blurred Floral Print Skirt
Again, lovely purple and blue colours that really stand out against the black base.

In my job I work designing prints everyday so I'm constantly looking at and designing all types prints. It's really opened my eyes to the wide range of styles you can get in prints and how different they can be. One of my favourite things I have been looking at and working on is something that at my work we've called 'Surface Interest Prints'. So things like, scratchy spots, hand drawn stripes and prints that look like textured fabric. It's very new and can be as subtle or as bold as you like!

As always I've updated my Pinterest board with some prints I love, I think the prints I've chosen fit into my five style words pretty well which is good! (Comfortable/Quirky/Fun/Easy/Detail if you were wondering what they were!) 

Check the board out here. 

I also use Pinterest a lot at work so I have lots of other themed print boards so have a look at those too.

Until next time!

Em x