Monday, 22 June 2015

The Return!

Hello again!

I'm back from two amazing weekends away. One was a very rainy, very muddy festival weekend, and the other was a very busy, very funny reunion with some university friends. Both were fantastic, laughter filled adventures, although I'm glad to be eating and drinking normally again, as well as sleeing in my own bed! I'm not however, sold on being back at the daily grind... can't I spend all my time drinking, dancing and hanging out with my friends?!

However, being back in a normal routine also means, back to the blog! I'm really enjoying writing this blog, I've dabbled in blogging over the years but it's never really stuck before. For some reason this time it is! So I hope you find some enjoyment in my posts too!

For this post I thought I'd share with you a little known place that I adore and that is definately worth a visit.

Whilst I was at university I completed a work placement at a place called Hope House Costume Museum in Derbyshire. Hope House is a costume museum and restoration workshop run by a lovely lady called Notty Hornblower, who collects vintage & period clothing, accessories, books, toys... basically anything and everything you could think of! I think the oldest piece of clothing in the museum is a dress that dates back to 1700! I went back to Hope House at the weekend to say hello to Notty & brought along one of my girlfriends who completed the work placement with me. 

This is the view from the museum - with my lovely friend Rachel! 

The museum itself is tucked away in Derbyshire and I forgot what a beautiful place that part of the world is, there are lovely views all around the museum.  All the displays at the museum have been updated, and there are so many things on show I never saw while I was there. All the photos you see here are from my time at the museum a few years ago well as the visit over the weekend. 

Notty has a fantastic collection and is very knowledgable on fashion & costume history, running period specific shows and talks, as well as selling vintage clothing and running tours of the museum.

I learnt a lot during my time there and I have some fantastic memories of working at Hope House. Being able to get up close and handle vintage clothing was brilliant, although I have to say I was more than a little nervous restoring Victorian dresses the first time! 

I saw such a variety of vintage and period pieces across mens, womens and childrenswear. It's hard to believe how some pieces over 200 years old, yet are in such a good condition! 

Would you believe this is a period Victorian dress?! The colours are so beautiful and vibrant!

I have so many photos from my time at the museum it's hard to chose what to show you!

So if you're ever in Derbyshire make sure you give Hope House Costume Museum a visit so you can see for yourself!

Find out more information about Hope House at the website

Have a good week!

Em x