Sunday, 19 July 2015

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 8

Hello Everyone, 

As per usual it's been a pretty mad couple of weeks. Particularly the past week, where we had an unfortunate computer/hard drive issue in my house. A lot of files were copied onto a hard drive and then deleted off of our home computer to free up some space, we had a lot on there! Unfortunately the files didn't copy over properly and we lost a lot of things :( Including a lot of files I've used or been working on for this blog and my own creative ventures. 

*Cue frantic recovery searching!*

Unfortunately the recovery didn't go as well as planned, but luckily it turned out our family photos have all been uploaded to photo printing sites so we didn't loose anything there. Normally I'm pretty good at backing files up to a couple of places, but obviously sods law is that this happened just as I was thinking "Oh I haven't backed up in a few months!" 


But I've made peace with the fact that the majority of the missing files were mine and bitten the bullet and bought myself a swanky new laptop that I'm writing this on now! I haven't had my own laptop since I left university, my uni laptop very kindly waited until I'd done all my hand ins before it took it's journey to laptop heaven! So I'm very excited to have something all of my own again, this way I don't have to wait in line to use the home computer and can keep my work separate.

So enough of the rambling, let's get down to it and on to Week 8 of Wardrobe Architect, which is all about hair, make up & beauty.

I've had a variety of hairstyles over the years, from waist length hair when I was a kid to shoulder length layers, various bobs and even a pixie cut. But they style that sticks out most to me was the bob with a blunt fringe. I had this hair cut in varying lengths and colours for about 4 years. And although it took a bit of upkeep - anyone with a fringe will tell you that! - I loved how it could be quite a statement, and even dressed up an outfit of the most casual clothes! 

I've been growing my hair for the past year or so, and it's now past my shoulders. I haven't had very long hair since I was about 8/9 years old so I thought I try it out again. It's also completely my natural colour as I gave up dying my hair in my final year of uni (didn't want the upkeep during the most important year of my degree!). I'm enjoying the longer length and being able to experiment with styles a bit more. 

In makeup terms, I think I'm pretty low key. Day to day I normally wear a natural base, either powder or foundation with black eyeliner on the top lid and some mascara. Some days I'll wear some bronzer too. Sometimes I like to switch it up with a dash of lippy, but that really depends on my mood and what I'm wearing! For the evenings I tend to make more of my eyes, with lots of eyeliner and smokey eyeshadow. Again I might switch this for a statement lip.

I think the way I wear my hair & makeup is very reflective of my personal style. It's pretty low key and easy to wear. I like to think they reflect me as someone who enjoys hair & beauty and taking care of themselves but who doesn't have it at the forefront of their mind all the time. 

I do have quite a bit of product but I wouldn't go as far as saying I collect it. The past few years I've stopped saving products for 'special occasions' or 'for a treat' because I'd open a product and then by the time I'd get round to using it again, it was 2 years later and probably not suitable to be anywhere near my face/body! 

In terms of colour, I love dark smokey colours and metallics for my eyes, as well as jewel tones of green, turquoise & purple. For lipstick I go for reds & pinks, in bright & rich tones. These fit perfectly into my colour palette from Week 5! And as with my clothes I tend to stay away from light colours or peachy tones.

When it comes to perfume, I love the stuff but I only wear it when I'm going out. I don't wear it day to day. My all time favourite perfume is Pure Poison by Dior, it's quite a strong scent but I've worn it for years, and I think it settles really well onto the skin and has quite an intriguing scent. 

I wore Pure Poison for years and have only stopped wearing it in the past year when my stash ran out and my parents bought me some perfume on the way back from their holiday in duty free! (I've kept the last bottle I had though, just coz I think it's pretty!). I'm currently working my way through the Miss Dior perfume collection. These are lovely scents, very light and fresh. So I think they're a good change from my old favourite!

I think my morning routine is pretty basic, I tend to spend about 20-30 mins getting ready in the morning, as in getting dressed doing my hair/makeup and getting my things together for work. I actually get up far earlier than that as I like to have a nice relaxed breakfast in the morning! The Ginge cannot understand this at all! But I hate being rushed and I hate being hungry!
I'll get up and eat breakfast then wash my face and clean my teeth, before covering my face in moisturisor. I'll then get dressed and do my hair before spending about 5 mins on my makeup. 

I think my hair and beauty routine fits well into my descriptive words from Week 2.


My routine isn't high maintenance, but I do like to use with different colours, products and looks when I go out. I've added some more images to my style board that reflects by hair & beauty style as well as styles I would like to incorporate in the future, so have a look and let me know what you think. 

Let me know about your hair/makeup styles and even your morning routine. 
I'm nosey so I'd love to know! ;)

Em x