Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 10

Hi everyone,

Hope the start of the week has been good to you, and if not don't fear as today is Wednesday, halfway through the week and getting ever closer to the weekend!

So I'm powering on through Wardrobe Architect and here we are at Week 10 in which we are creating a capsule colour palette for the season (AW15 in my case).  I've chosen a couple of colours from each category I came up with in Week 6 and this has formed my capsule colour palette.

Take a look below.

My full colour palette from Week 6. 
I've redone the palette so everything fits on one page*, and looks pretty good I think!
(*Nothing to do with the fact I lost the original file in the recent computer havoc... nothing to do with that at all... ahem!*)

And here's the capsule palette for AW15.

I've chosen some of the richer colours with bright highlights as I tend to head towards wearing black in a big way in the winter and this is something I'd like to change about my wardrobe.

The Coletterie website says that next week (Week 11) we'll start deciding what we want to sew. I'm super excited about this as I have so much fabric laying around, I'm looking to get my teeth into a new project!

I also have some other blog posts planned featuring another finished sewing project, my first 'How To' tutorial and one of my style icons, so check back again soon!

Have a good week!

Em x