Monday, 14 September 2015

Tops! Glorious Tops!

Hello everyone,

What a weekend!

I say that with a hint of sarcasm, mainly due to the fact that if someone said to me "What a weekend!", I would assume it had been crammed full of friends, family, events & activities. But my weekend was the complete opposite of that, and it was perfect!

The Ginge was away on a boy's weekend and the one plan I did have for the weekend unfortunately fell through. So I settled in for a weekend of sewing hibernation! Top of the list were some jeans alterations for a friend that I breezed through in no time so I could get onto the more exciting things on my list.

As you may know I've been (slowly) making my way through the Wardrobe Architect series, and have found that I feel I am missing more tops than anything else out of my wardrobe. After a rummage through my fabric stash I pulled out some fabrics I thought would be easiest and quickest for me to use. 

First up...

The Swing Cami

Now a loooooonnnnnggggg time ago I posted about some mini bloomers I'd made using some left over fabric and a free oline pattern from Coletterie (read about it here). Well I finally got my butt into gear and made the matching cami top I'd been thinking about ever since those bloomers were finished!

I knew I wanted a cami with a lot of volume - perfect for lounging around. And added a double bow detail on the strap to match the bloomers. The necklines and straps are made of self binding, which I kept as narrow as possible for a sexy 'barely there' look. 

The satin doesn't drape as well as I hoped but I'm still pretty pleased with the overall look. They look so cute together!

The Sunshine Vest

I'm calling this 'The Sunshine Vest' as it is BRIGHT YELLOW! 

The gorgeous fabric was a remnant I had from my last workplace, and I've been 'uhming' and 'ahhing' over what to do with it. So I made it into a vest! I traced the shape from one of my favourite woven vest tops that I've had for years (probably too long to admit!) and decided to us the beautiful scallop of the fabric for the hem. I was originally going to bind the neckline but I didn't have any fabric or binding that matched the luminous colour and the organza wouldn't have lasted as binding. So I took the easy route and overlocked the neckline/armholes and turned them inside - securing with a pinstitch. 

This was actuall quite tight around the hips when I tried it on (the fabric is obviously less forgiving than the well loved vest the pattern came from!) so I put splits in at the side for a bit of extra room so there was no strain on the seams. 

I cannot wait to wear this out! I love the colour so much!

The Flamingo One

I've had this flamingo fabric so long I cannot even tell you where I got it from! It was one of those impulse buys, you know... when you clamp yours eyes on something and you black out then wake up back home with five full bags of fabric and an empty bank account... no?

Well anyway I saw it. I bought it. I didn't know what to do with it.

Until now!

I was feeling pretty on a roll with the tops by now so amended the pattern from the 'Sunshine Vest' to have more volume and carried on to make this lightweight oversize vest. The print is so cute and summery, and will be perfect for the holiday I have coming up in October. 

As you can see I bound the armholes and necklines on this one and didn't need any splits in the side seams. I've already worn this with my bottle green jeans and it looks fab! 

So there you have my indulgent sewing weekend. I came out of it pretty pleased with the results.

Three new tops and £0 spent! 

I also managed to organise the pile of patterns that has been getting out of hand in my sewing cupboard and also photograph some items I will be putting up for sale on my Etsy shop that's coming soon.

(This was also a good weekend as I realised half way through taking photos that I could actually take the white sticker off my mannequin! ...I've only had the mannequin about 5 years! *face palm*)

As always there is a never ending list of projects to undertake. I've got my eye on some dark tartan fabric to make into some cigarette pants and a gorgeous bonded lace that will go into another top I think.

Have a good week! 

Em x