Tuesday, 6 October 2015

A Little Something Off the Sewing Wishlist!

Hello everyone! 

A small post from me tonight but I have some very exciting news... an item from my dream sewing wishlist has been fulfilled! And I'm so sewing nerd happy about it I'm going to tell you the FULL story!

Let me set the scene...

Sunday morning at home, I'm feeling slightly worse for wear after a few too many toasts to the bride & groom at a friend's wedding the night before when my phone rings and the Ginge is calling me. 


"So, hey, erm, I'm at the dump and I've seen something I think you might like"

*cue me thinking: ''WT... he's offering to bring me back bags of rubbish?!"*

"Um... okay... what is it?"

"Some old sewing machine thing. Do you want it?"

"Huh, yeah okay. Thanks"

I agree thinking I could always use it for parts for my machine or worse case scenario pay the Ginge and take it back to the dump if it's no good. 

I was not expecting this to turn up...

A vintage Singer sewing machine! Isn't it beautiful?!!!!

At the minute she is living with the Ginge until I have room to start restoring her to her former glory, but I have never been so excited by a sewing machine in my whole life! My man did very well to spot this gem! I have always wanted a vintage sewing machine, they're just gorgeous. 

I've done a bit of research and from what I can tell using the photos I have of her (yes, her!) She was made in 1923 and is a 15k model, fit with desk base.

I will of course show you the restoration process as it goes along, if anyone has any tips or advice for restoring vintage sewing machines please get in touch, I'd love to hear about your own restoration stories. 

For now I'll just be over here looking at pictures of my new favourite lady and googling things about Singer 

Em xx