Sunday, 22 November 2015

Saturday Shopping

Yesterday I ventured into the town centre to get a head start on my Xmas shopping. Yes that might sound really early but I found last year that using my November pay up on Xmas shopping left all of December's money free for Christmas meals and parties, win win! I think that means I'm growing up slightly, I've become organised and learnt how to budget... if only to satisfy my need to eat, drink and be merry throughout all of December!

So I started off well, charging through the high street picking up all the little presents and knick knacks then got distracted... and treated myself to some belated birthday presents!

First up, these awesome black leather riding boots from Jones Bootmakers.

I've been looking for a new pair of black winter boots for two winters now to no avail, but FINALLY my call to the boot gods was answered! I love these simply due to the lacing down the front and the fact they have a bit of a Dr Marten's vibe going on! 

I actually tried on another pair of riding boots first. Unfortunately these were so tight on my calves I thought I was going to loose all feeling in my feet! Being able to feel your feet and walk properly in boots is just happens to be one of my criteria, so the lace up chunky boots came home with me instead! 

These boots are so comfy already, I wore them out last night with jeans, but today I wore them with a skater dress, opaque tights and turquoise cardi. They're also currently on offer with £40 off!
That paired with some birthday money meant I got myself quite the bargain!

There only seem to be a few sizes left online so click here to get them.

The turquoise cardigan was my next purchase from H&M for only £7.99.
I love the colour and long line shape. I'm always looking to add more of these types of cardi's to my wardrobe as they're so versatile.  I can't see the turquoise colour online, but they have this cardigan online in a variety of colours. This marl colour is lovely! Click here to take a look.

Now I don't know about you, but I thought it was pretty fricking cold yesterday!
I underestimated the weather and stupidly only wore a mac thinking I wouldn't be outside long. 
I ended up parking a 15 minute walk from the shopping centre as all the car parks were full. Cue freezing toes and goosebump covered arms! I realised that while I have some gorgeous chunky faux fur coats and two lovely macs for summer, I don't actually have a normal winter coat. You know, the everyday coat to chuck on over everything.

So I kept my eye out and came home with this lovely turquoise parka from BHS.

The colour is great and makes such a change from the normal black I tend to go for in winter jackets. The toggle waist is great for creating some kind of shape in a puffy coat and I love that it has some pu piping detail around the pockets and cuff straps. 
Also... it has a fur lined and trimmed hood! Sold!

They have loads of coats on offer in BHS at the moment so it's definately worth taking a look in store. My jacket below was down to £38.50 from £55, click here to buy.

So there you have a round of up of my Saturday shopping. I think I did pretty well for myself!
I am also pleased to say this is my first blog post taking photos with a decent camera! The Ginge bought me a fancy new camera as a birthday present, and so far so good!
... Although maybe I should clean my mirror before taking selfies next time!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Em x

Friday, 20 November 2015

'Designs by EY' goes LIVE!

Hi Everyone,

Some exciting news!

In the spirit of a fresh start I have finally listed my first items and opened my shop on Etsy!
I am currently stocking some lovely vintage inspired hair clips & brooches as well as a gorgeous satin tie, all perfect for the up & coming festive season

A photo posted by Emma Youens (@emmayouens) on

Please pop over and take a look

This has given me a great boost this morning & I'm looking forward to coming up with some other great vintage & costume inspired items to sell.

As always any feedback is greatly appreciated so don't hesitate to get in touch.

Em x

Thursday, 19 November 2015

I'm back!

Hello everyone,

I'm finally back and blogging again! My break from blogging turned out to be extended for a few weeks this was entirely unplanned I can tell you!

I spent a fantastic 2 1/2 weeks travelling around Mexico with the Ginge and two of our lovely friends. We started our journey in Cancun and travelled down the coast and across the country with a final stop in Merida before heading back to Cancun for the journey home. It was such a great holiday, we saw so much, ate so much, laughed so much and just had the best time.

Typical Tourists! - Me & the Ginge visiting Xchicen Itza in Mexico

My time back at home has not proven to haven been so great. Since returning to the UK, I came down with a terrible illness and I don't ever remember being so sick. I missed my own birthday and birthday celebrations, some freelance appointments, catch ups with old friends and colleagues and my good friend's birthday. It's really been a tough time. Luckily, *touch wood* things seem to have worked out and I am on the mend.

Whilst I was ill I got thinking about what it is I really want to do with my life, (dramatic sick bed thoughts... I know!). I love my job and am very happy there, but I can't shake this feeling I am putting my love for costume and costume design on the back burner. I have been thinking of ways I can incorporate this love back into my life and make the most of it. I have some ideas ready to go, and I'm feeling good.

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With the festive season nearly upon us, it seems both  a good and bad time to be starting afresh. Good because I'm nearly back to full health and what's the point of putting it off!? Bad, because we know how busy the run up to Christmas can get! But after a pretty low couple of weeks I can't wait to hit the ground running again.

As they say... 'onwards & upwards!'

Looking forward to speaking to you all soon

Em x