Sunday, 20 December 2015

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 11

So here we are at Week 11 of Wardrobe Architect.

To recap, here are my silhouettes again:

Silhouette 1: 

Wardrobe Architect: Capsule Wardrobe. Silhouette 1

Silhouette 2:

Wardrobe Architect: Capsule Wardrobe, Silhouette 2

Silhouette 3:

Wardrobe Architect: Capsule Wardrobe, Silhouette 3

Silhouette 4:

Wardrobe Architect: Capsule Wardrobe, Silhouette 4

Silhouette 5:

Wardrobe Architect: Capsule Wardrobe, Silhouette 5

I don't think I have many gaps to fill in my wardrobe. I would say versatile tops are the thing I am most lacking in.  As mentioned in previous posts, I have a hell of a lot of fabric just sitting in my loft, I have started going through and ear-marking different fabrics for certain projects.

Here's what I have in mind for some of it...

Gold Shimmer Chiffon - Cami Top & Sleeveless Shirt
Teal Chiffon - Shirt

'Crystal' Print Chiffon - Shirt or Cami Top

Abstract Leopard Print - Kimono Top

Grey/Neon Col.Pop Knit - Basic Draped Cardi

Silver/Grey Check - Crop Jacket/Bolero

Blue Check Wool - Skater Skirt or Dress

Black Quilted Fabric - Loose Fit Tee or Vest Top

So you can see I have a few basics in mind with the tops, but I also want to use some of the bolder fabrics I have to make some statement pieces. This doesn't even scrape the surface of the amount of fabric I have stashed away so there'll be opportunity for other projects too!

As always, this time of year always gets me thinking about what I want to achieve next year.
At the moment it's looking like next year is going to have some big life changes, including myself & The Ginge (hopefully!) buying our first property! I feel I've got myself to a place where I'm really enjoying the path I'm on creatively, whether it's sewing my own clothes, alterations for other people or writing this blog. It also helps that now I have a space to sew from where I'm not in the way of everyone!

So let's see where 2016 takes me!

I'm looking forward to it :)

Em x