Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Loki Costume

Hi Everyone,

It's officially ok for me to say this...

Happy December! It's nearly Christmas!

We put the Christmas decorations up at the Ginge's at the weekend, so I am definitely in the Christmas spirit. But I have a whole post to share with you on that so I won't say any more!

As every year, as soon as it hits December my diary fills to the brim. Not that I'm complaining, I love all the food, family, friends and fun that comes with it. But it does mean that fitting in anything spontaneous becomes quite difficult. So what did I do? I decided a week before a friend's fancy dress birthday that I didn't want to use one of the many costumes I already had, but would make myself an entirely new one instead. A Loki costume to be precise!

I'm sure you all know but for anyone who doesn't, Loki is a Marvel comic book character. I based my costume on the Tom Hiddleston character in the Thor and The Avengers films, and found the two images below on Pinterest to use as inspiration.

I went through my clothes and fabric stash to see what I could pull together. 
This is my first idea of  how I could put the costume together. 

Loki Costume
* Gold Sequin Shrug
* Black Corset - Add Gold Trim onto Top Edge
* Turquoise Chiffon Skirt - Pleated
* Turquoise Crepe Cape (How hard is that to say?!)
* Gold Crepe Horns - Put on Headband

I made the skirt pleated so cut two strips of chiffon the width of the fabric. The below pattern is for the lining which I cut from the turquoise crepe. It went together pretty easily, although I ran out of thread (and time!) to overlock and hem the skirt properly so I used my pinking shears instead. 
I plan on wearing the skirt day to day as it's a lovely colour, so will hem it properly at a later date.

I already had this black corset that I bought whilst I was at uni - also for fancy dress purposes! Considering it cost me a fiver, it's done it's duty many times over. 
Superhero, Day of the Dead, Moulin Rouge and Batman are some of the costumes it's been part of! I already had this length of gold metallic trim, so I just tacked it to the top edge so it could be easily removed if I needed the corset again. 

Loki has a gold horned helmet in the films, but due to my time constraints an actual helmet was never going to get made in time. Much to my disappointment! So I went for the next best and easiest thing, gold horned hairband!

I drew my own template and cut them out of the gold crepe. 
I fused all pieces to make sure the crepe didn't stretch out of shape, and then stuffed them with the filling from an old cushion.

This is what they looked like once they were stuffed.

For the headband I used my glue gun to stick two gold coloured ribbons around the band. The horns were glued into place and then stitched as well to make sure they were secure.

The finished product!

Now I can't take full credit for the scepter, I just assembled it. The Ginge gave me the piping and surprised me on Friday with the blade he'd cute from plastic and painted. 
What a lovely Ginge! :)

I cut a slit out of the pipe so the blade could sit in firmly in the top and then spray painted it gold.

Okay so the slit isn't very neat... I did get told off by the Ginge for it!
But in my defense, I had never used a saw before and was making it up as I went along!

In the end, I didn't make a cape in the turquoise crepe. But used the same chiffon I'd made the skirt out of. It draped really nicely and was much lighter than the crepe would've been.

And... Ta Dahh!

Loki Costume!

The party itself was great fun. There was no fancy dress theme, a 'come-as-whatever-you-want' deal so there was a big variety of costumes there.  I loved wearing this costume, most people guessed who I was supposed to be which is a good sign! Not bad for a last minute decision! 
The scepter went down a treat, I have lots of photos of other people with it!

So what do you think of my Loki efforts? Anyone else done a Loki cosplay?

Em x