Sunday, 13 December 2015

Tis the Season!

Hi Everyone, 

We are well into December now, so I hope you're all feeling suitably festive!
This post is mainly to share with you a little bit of my festive excitement and show you a little Christmas decoration project I did in preparation for decorating the tree with the Ginge. 

Now in case you don't know, I love dinosaurs. (bit weird saying/typing that 'out loud'!) but I have done ever since I was a kid. So when the Ginge told me I could "Christmas" his house, my mind went racing, thinking of all the things we could do to it, one of those things being... A DINOSAUR CHRISTMAS TREE!. 

I couldn't find any dinosaur decorations in the shopping centre - much to my disappointment! So the next best thing was to make my own. The process itself was messy but pretty simple. 

Glue. Glitter. Hook. Ribbon.

And the finished products ready for the tree.

I just love them!

The 'Christmas-ing' of the Ginge's house continued with a trip to all the cheapy shops on the high street find a variety of decorations. The theme? Urm... Anything goes!

And here's our Christmas Grotto!

 Our tree has a bit of a toy theme going on with the glitter dinosaurs, army men and Paddington Bear in pride of place at the top. 

Obviously for me, decorating one tree was not enough. I was more than happy to help decorate the tree at home with my family too. It's a little bit more traditional than the one at the Ginge's, but still overloaded with tinsel none the less!

Anyone else got any alternative Christmas decorations they'd like to share?

Merry Christmas!

Em x