Sunday, 10 January 2016

My Goals for 2016

Hello Everyone!

Happy New Year!

I can't quite believe it's January 2016.

Christmas is over, we're all out of money and back at work, the gyms are bursting at the seams even though there's leftover chocolate bursting out of everyone's cupboards! Despite how miserable this sounds I'm actually feeling pretty positive and motivated at the start of the year. As with everyone, I'm seeing this as a fresh start. So in the spirit of the New Year I thought I'd write a post on my goals for 2016. I haven't made any new years resolutions as such, I feel that for me making a set new years resolution is quite restrictive, I usually end up forgetting what my resolution was by March and when I remember it again feel bad that I've got side-tracked so early in the year! So instead I have come up with some goals I would like to work on during the year.


I really enjoyed the projects I undertook during 2015 and documenting them on this blog. Some of my favourites include Tops Project, One Shoulder Dress and Chair Covers Project. I also managed to finally open my Etsy shop DesignsbyEY, (Read about it here) I'm really proud of this and looking forward to adding more items to the store.

I'm going to continue my blogging journey and carry on documenting my creative ventures in sewing, art & design. I feel like it's a great outlet for showcasing your work and connecting with other creative types.

I also have a few projects that I've mapped out in Wardrobe Architect: Week 11.
* Gold Shimmer Chiffon - Cami Top & Sleeveless Shirt
* Teal Chiffon - Shirt
* Crystal Print Chiffon - Shirt or Cami Top
* Grey/Neon Col.Pop Knit - Draped Cardi
* Silver/Grey Check - Crop Jacket/Bolero
* Blue Check Wool - Skater Skirt or Dress
* Black Quilted Fabric - Loose Fit Tee or Vest Top


My fitness and workout routine took a bit of a nose dive at the end of last year. Not just due to the Christmas season, where I ate & drank what I liked without guilt! But also due to the fact I was so ill during November, it really has taken me until now to feel back to normal health even though I went back to work way before Christmas. I'm aiming to start slowly & build my fitness back up to the level it was before and hopefully exceed it. Getting my fitness up is really important to me as my main goal this year is to be good enough in both fitness & technique to grade for my next belt in Taekwondo. The grading isn't until October, but this next grade would mean the most to me out of all the belts I've earned as I've pretty much had to re-train from scratch since leaving university. I'm both excited and scared at the prospect, but I think that's probably a good state of mind to be in in terms of motivation!

Sewing Machine Restoration

As I've mentioned before on this blog, the Ginge made me a very happy lady by rescuing a vintage sewing machine for me from the skip yard! (Read about it here). So, one of my goals for this year is to start restoring my lovely lady to her former sewing machine glory! I feel like it's going to be slow and steady progress for this goal but it'll be worth it!

What are your goals for the year?

Em x