Monday, 11 January 2016

The Evolution of Captain America's Uniform

I found this post via my Facebook account and thought I'd share it with you. It's from the Facebook page of which is a great site for movie and tv news. (Check out their Facebook profile here). It's just a short slide show showing the evolution of Captain America's uniform.

The evolution of Captain America's uniform! Which one is your favorite?
Posted by on Wednesday, 6 January 2016

It's really interesting to see the change in costume from film to film. Something you wouldn't really notice when watching the films that Captain America features in. My favourites have to be costumes three & six in that slide show. Especially how costume six has moved into a darker, moodier shade of blue.

This also got me thinking about the next film where we'll get to see Cap' at it again, Captain America: Civil War. I'm actually really excited to see this film as not only am I a fan of the Captain America & Avengers films, (fun, silly, action packed movies!) but I have actually read the Civil War comic! 

Now I hold my hands up, I am not a comic book reader. I have nothing against comics or graphic novels, I just haven't been around them much, I've always dived straight in to a mystery novel even from a young age! However, The Ginge is a comic book lover, so after the last Avengers film he lent me Civil War to read, knowing the film would be out in 2016. And I'm pleased to say I really enjoyed it! The story was quite fast paced, and I have to say some of the artwork is pretty impressive.

Check out the trailer for it too!

I can't say I'll be giving up my murder mystery novels for comics anytime soon, but after watching that trailer how can you not be excited for Captain America: Civil War?!

Em x