Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 12

Hello everyone!

Here were are again, getting through the last few parts of the Wardrobe Architect series.
Today's post is about accessories. Possibly my favourite part of fashion, and where my shopping money gets spent on most! So I've listed the accessories I think I need for my capsule wardrobe

Functional Accessories

Ballet Pumps: x1 Black/ x1 Neutral or Metallic
Converse: x1 Burgundy
Knee Length Boots: x1 Black
Ankle Boots: x1 Black
Heels: x1 Black/x1 Metallic

Mid Size Everyday: x1 Black
Clutch Bag: x1 Neutral or Metallic
Tote Bag: x1

Narrow Belts: x1 Black/x1 Metallic

Chunky Knit: x1

Leather Gloves: x1 Black
Mittens/Fingerless Gloves: x1 Burgundy

Opaque Tights: x167267326 Black (because I always ladder them!)

 Decorational Accessories

Classic Necklace: LOTS!!
Statement Necklaces: LOTS!!
Starement Rings: LOTS!!

I love my jewellery and have quite a lot of both classic & quirky statement pieces so I don't need to worry about this section... I've got it covered!

Pashmina Scarves: Various Colours

As above, I'm already sorted on this front as I have a few scarves I rotate between in metallic and jewel colours. I normally use them to tie an outfit together, and keep warm in our drizzly British weather!

To be completely honest with you, I really don't think I need to add anything to my wardrobe for this section. I feel like I have accessories covered! My scarves and jewellery are pretty versatile and I'm used to mix and matching them with my outfits across both summer and winter. I always have my eye out for new and interesting pieces, but with my personal circumstances about to change (i.e being a grown up and potentially buying a property!) perhaps it's time to make full use of everything I have instead of adding to my ever growing wardrobe!

Em x