Saturday, 9 April 2016

Coletterie - Wardrobe Architect: Week 13 & 14 and Review

Hello Folks!

I've finally reached the end of the Wardrobe Architect series!

Week's 13 & 14 WA talk about how hard it can be letting go of items you don't need any more and some of the reasons behind this. I wouldn't say I hoard items, and I can be pretty brutal when I'm sorting out things but for me the hard part is the realisation that the period of my life where I used to wear that dress/top/shirt or those stupidly high heels has been and gone. It's hard to say goodbye to those items but everyone has to move on at some point! I find coming out at the end of that process to be quite "cleansing".

*This is not my wardrobe... I don't think I'll ever be that tidy! Haha!*

This series of posts has definitely spanned far longer than the prescribed fourteen weeks, but I've enjoyed working through the posts at my own pace. As with many things, life gets in the way and I stray off the path of current projects and thought processes, but it's always good to know you can pick things up again at a later date. This is what I've done with Wardrobe Architect, it's been a slow process but I've already organised a lot of my wardrobe and I feel the series will definitely come into it's own when the Ginge & I move into our new flat. Yes! OUR flat! Very exciting! We haven't moved in yet but when we do we won't have a whole house to fill with unused or useless items. It will be good to have a spring clean not just of our (my!) clothes but of everything and start fresh in the next chapter of our lives with a little place to call our own. I will be listing a few items on my eBay account in the next few weeks and months as we start our clear out so click here to have a peek a what I'm selling. 

The Wardrobe Architect series really started as a 'Wardrobe overhaul' for me, I can't say my style has changed dramatically over the course of this process but I am considering any items I buy more than I was before, so to me that's progress in itself! If you need a hand organising your wardobe or working out your personal style then I would recommend working through the posts yourself - click here to start your Wardrobe Architect journey!

Em x