Sunday, 19 June 2016

The Sewing Room

Despite the past week or so being sad with the news of the Orlando shooting & Jo Cox, as well as some personal sadness the Ginge & I have had to go through, I seem to have, somehow, found a new spring in my step! I have been sketching more at home and my sketches have actually been turning out as I planned which makes me very happy. I also think my venture into poster design has fuelled some of the creative fire I'm feeling at the moment. So yesterday I headed over to my parent's house to do some more sewing.

As mentioned here I moved out of my parent's house a couple of months ago as Ginge & I became the very proud owners of our first home together. My brother had also moved out of our family home a couple of month's beforehand. but whilst my old bedroom remains as a bedroom, my brother's room has been turned into a sewing/laundry room. Although it doesn't really look particualrly inspiring at the moment I love having a place where I can easily use my sewing equipment without getting in anyone's way, and being completely able to focus on my projects without worrying about having to pack away things halfway through or my creations inevitably having things spilt on them! 
So I was inspired by some posts on By Gum By Golly to give an insight into my little sewing haven.

Despite the photo, the room is actually pretty light and I have enough room to move about and easily press things. My mannequins (Named Lady & Manny, for obvious reasons!) currently live in the wardrobe which is on the left of the chest or drawers, with the fabric for any projects I am currently working on.

My vintage sewing machine sits waiting for me to finally getting round to restoring her!

One of my many sewing boxes! This one's full of beads & embellishments.

My new sewing machine - Janome DC3050. I'm still getting used to using it, but it sews beautifully!

After  I took these photo's I actually started sorting out my equipment, giving things their new places in cupboards and drawers, as well as organising my pattern blocks into a file and sorting all my threads into colour groups (why I didn't do that sooner I don't know!).

I would love to eventually bring all of my old patterns down from the loft and file them properly so they are easy to access. It would be great to have a inspirational pin board too, but I do have to remember that it's still a room in my parent's house and it's not just me using this room!

On Saturday I managed to finish the project I was working on as well as doing some organising and sorting of my equipment, so it felt like a very productive day.

I'm buzzing with ideas at the moment and I can't wait to get started on them. I have a lot planned for later on in the year, but I normally post mini snap shots of my projects on Instagram or Twitter if you want to see what I'm up too.

Have a good week!

Em x