Sunday, 17 July 2016

Here Comes The Bride - Wedding Dress Exhibition

Hello folks!

What a lovely weekend it's been, we've finally had some sunshine and so it finally felt a little bit like summer. I thought I was going to have a jam packed weekend but it actually ended up being pretty relaxing. I even managed to fit in something I never normally do. I went to church!

Now it may (but probably won't!) surprise you to know the Ginge and I, as well as the rest of my family are definitely not church goers. In fact, the only times I have been in a church in recent years has been for weddings, which is pretty apt considering this is the reason I ended up in church on a Saturday. Not for a wedding, but a wedding dress exhibition. A collection of wedding dresses from people in the local area were on display at the church so my Mum and I went in to have a look. 

There were roughly 12 dresses on display, the oldest dress dating from 1956 and the newest from 2013. I love seeing the changes in clothing shapes and trends in exhibitions like this. You can really see the evolution of style between one decade and the next. Especially the dresses from the 80s with tall the frills and puffy sleeves! I actually shared a video on 100 Years of Wedding Dresses last year which gives you a good insight into the ever changing bridal styles

Each dress was accompanied by a short paragraph explaining why the bride chose her dress as well as a small mood boards with photos of the inspiration behind the dress or the setting of the wedding.
I loved the 1956 wedding dress (the first photo) as it reminded me very much of the photos I've seen of my Nan's wedding dress. But I thought the medieval style dress with the Celtic design was an interesting choice. Definitely not in the vein of the type of dresses you normally see on the TV or in the movies. The amber tiara was also very pretty.  

I'm still collecting images onto my Pinterest board Wedding Dress History so have a look there if you want to check out other wedding dress styles from across the years.

Which dress is your favourite?

Em x