Sunday, 10 July 2016

Skinnydip London

As I mentioned before Ginge & I celebrated our anniversary in London last week. 
I ended up getting into London quite a while before Ginge did, so I did what everyone does when they have time to waste in London and went for a wander with no clear idea where I was going or what I would find. I ended up coming across a couple of vintage stores that I had a rummage through before heading over to Covent Garden. That's where I came across a new bags & accessories brand Skinnydip London

As I stepped through the doors, I was in complete handbag heaven! They have some brilliant quirky designs and seem to have everything from coin purses to clutch bags, satchels and huge bucket bags. Not to mention, makeup bags, phone covers, headphones and laptop cases. Their stuff is totally up my street - sparkles, unicorns, bright colours, pastel hues, what's not to love?!

They also had a sale on and I treated myself to this little petrol blue lovely!

It's a gorgeous cross bodybag and was reduced down in the sale to £20.  The colour is just beautiful and the main reason I picked it up in the first place. The fact that my old handbag currently has the strap tied on as the links broke from over use also meant it made complete sense to purchase a new one! It's a great size for me for a day bag, I find th bigger the bag the more likely I am to stuff it full of rubbish I don't need to be carrying around. The only downside for me is that there is no inside zip, just the flap that goes over the top of the bag. (Does that make any sense?!) But it's just my personal preference to have one. If you fancy it for yourself, you can still buy this bag online here but hurry because who knows how many are left!

I've had a look on the Skinnydip London website and here are the things that are now on my wishlist!

Black sparkly goodness! 

Because who doesn't need a flamingo coin purse?!

I just love the pastel colours of these, you could customize notebooks or a plain phone case with these.

Holographic accessories are just so cool. They always catch my eye.

Oh Wow! Rainbow sequins, black pompom. SOLD!

 This is just so cute and the colours are lovely

The silver & blue are a great combo and the nautical theme is subtle

This one is so fun! Cheeky and great for nights out

What's your favourite?

Check Skinnydip London out at the below links

Em x